our new website

Last year our website got crushed and hacked by robots trying to sell vacations and viagra. We are so happy to finally be back online thanks to our wonderful new webmaster Ryan Grace.

We are still working on the site and it keeps getting better. We are looking forward to packing it full of art and everything else we can think of. 

while we were offline stuff happened.  We had a wonderful time at  the Bridge School Benefit where Stanley annualy donates his talent and draws portraits of the children. Then there was New York with The Moonalice poster artists. They got stuck in hurricane sandy but Stanley managed to turn this scary event into a dramatic painting. Most recently a film crew from Japan dropped by to do an Interview about Journey art. I will post a link to this interview when it airs. we're very excited to see it. Last but not least a skunk made a home in the back room of Mouse Studios.